What are Teaching Schools?

Teaching schools are good or outstanding schools that play an important role in a school-led system, working with others to provide high-quality training and support for school improvement in their area. The Teaching Schools Council believes that every child is entitled to be in a great school and it is the role of the Teaching Schools to support this aim.

Our journey to becoming a Teaching School

The first Teaching Schools were designated in 2011. We applied in December 2016 and were designated in June 2017. There are over 800 Teaching Schools across the country and 6 in Middlesbrough. All Teaching Schools are represented by the Teaching Schools Council and are accountable to the National College for Teaching and Leadership for the work that they do.

Teaching Schools – what is their role?

Teaching Schools have the role of co-ordinating and delivering high-quality and school-based ITT. They are also charged with spreading excellent practice by supporting other schools, particularly those that need it most. Teaching Schools should also be providing professional and leadership development for teachers and leaders across their local are. This is done by creating a Teaching School Alliance between the Teaching School, their partner schools and schools that they support – this will grow as Macmillan Teaching School develops and the Endeavour MAT grows.

The Teaching School Workforce

The whole staff in the alliance becomes the Teaching School workforce as we follow our vision to ensure that all schools become better for all students in the system, not just our students but at all times maintaining the excellent standards at the home school. Teaching Schools are about developing and improving schools for the benefit of all staff and students and for the moral purpose of improving the education system for all students. Our vision is that every child goes to a great school, that every school is entitled to effective support, that every school is a giver of support and that every school is in an effective partnership.

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